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An ancient torah finds its way from Majorca, Spain to Chabad in Coral Gables, where it is restored. This unique Torah was written on deerskin, 200 years ago. Join us in celebrating the continuity of our people by welcoming this unique Torah to its new home.

A Torah comes full circle - from the Spanish Mediterranean island to the Spanish flavor of the Gables. From Majorca, Spain to Majorca Avenue, Coral Gables. We will be welcoming the new Torah on the holiday Shavuot, the day that commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai 3,325 years ago, by reading the Ten Commandments from it.

YOU can become a part of this Torah, simply by purchasing a letter, verse or any other selection in this Torah scroll. According to Jewish law, every letter in a Torah is interdependent, because the Torah can only be used when it is complete with every single letter. The Jewish nation is symbolic of the Torah in the sense that we are all linked together in an indissoluble chain.You have the opportunity to dedicate a letter, portion or even an entire section of the Torah in honor and in merit of your family.  

The Torah is a timeless connection to the past, and the key to a Jewish future. It is 3,325 years since we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, and the Torah remains a driving force in our lives. We commit to continuing this chain of Torah and tradition to all Jews in Coral Gables.

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