My Story Shabbat Dinner

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Shabbat Morning Services & Kiddush Luncheon

Shabbat Morning Services takes place every Shabbat at 10:00 AM.

The Shabbat prayer service is filled with beautiful songs and melodies, and Interspersed with meaningful insights. An experience that will leave you feeling inspired and spiritually refreshed.

No background or membership is required for this user friendly service, Hebrew books with English translation are provided. Page numbers are announced throughout the service.
Shabbat services are followed by a Kiddush Luncheon.
Schedule: Service Begins 10:00, Torah Reading 11:00, Kiddush Lunch 12:30. 
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*'My Story' Shabbat Dinner Descriptions

November 8 - Valerie Stern: What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Doing in a Place Like This?!

Valerie Stern spent the last three years traveling the globe and discovering the wonders of this earth. She's gone on food tours, safaris, cultural adventures, religious journeys, ancestral searches and kickback relaxing vacations.

Along the way she saw the the wonder that is the hand of G‑d in all things of beauty, from the heights of Lake Titicaca and Machu Pichu to the Mekong and Okavango Deltas. She's experienced the millenniums old desolate landscapes of Namibia and the thriving markets of Istanbul and Marrakesh. With each journey she takes she finds the world becoming smaller as she discovers the similarities of the vastly different destinations and cultures. 
December 13 - Ilan Grapel: Accused & Imprisoned in Egypt for Being an Israeli Spy

In June 2011, Egyptian authorities arrested ilan Grapel on charges of fomenting unrest in Egypt as a Mossad agent in the wake of the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

In October of that year, Israel and Egypt agreed on the release of Grapel in exchange for 25 Egyptian prisoners held in Israeli jails. The exchange brought an end to Grapel's nearly five months of imprisonment on dubious charges, including two weeks of solitary confinement.

ilan, a resident of Coral Gables and teacher at Coral Gables Senior High School, will share his harrowing experience of arrest and imprisonment and how he kept his faith and sanity during his ordeal.
January 10 - Marty Elkin: A Jewish Comics Artist in The Golden Age of Comic Books

Marty Elkin was active in the comics field during the 1950s. He drew for romance, horror and science fiction titles published by Harwell Publications, Marvel and EC Comics. Marty also submitted one panel cartoons to publications such as The New Yorker and Cosmopolitan. He came out of "art retirement" to help his cousin create the poster, which Marty inked, for Steven Spielberg's blockbuster film "Jurassic Park." Some of his work will be on display.

February 7 - Israeli Col. David Ben-David: From Neglect to Hero: An Incredible True Story of Overcoming Barriers

Hear the first-hand inspirational story of Benda (David Ben-David), an epic tale that will amaze and astound the most blasé among us. Abandoned to an orphanage at the age of three and ultimately the streets of Tel Aviv, he overcame all social and economic barriers, becoming an Israeli war hero and Military Governor of Jericho.

He was finally reunited with his mother after half a century had passed. Benda went on to establish a successful security firm in Miami. His incredible true story - stranger than a Hollywood thriller - serves as an inspiration; despite all the blows in life he received, he remains to this day whole. 

March 20 - Victor Raab: Rescued on the Kindertransport, he Fought the Nazis as a US Soldier

Victor Raab was 15 when he witnessed the tragic night of Kristallnacht while living in Vienna. He was fortunate to get out of Austria on one of the last Kindertransport trains bound for England. He emigrated to America and enlisted in the army where he was sent to fight the Germans in the infantry and later as a counter intelligence officer. He witnessed first-hand the atrocities that took place in Nazi Germany when his division liberated Ohrdruf, first Nazi concentration camp liberated by the U.S. Army.
If you (or someone you know) have an interesting life experience to share, please let us know.