Passover with Chabad

Feast of Moshiach with special theme "One By One" will take place on Thursday, April 13, 6:45 PM.

You may have noticed that every Jewish holiday celebrates an event in our past. There’s just one exception, and for me personally, it’s one of the most meaningful holidays we have.

The last day of Pesach is a day to reflect on our future. Specifically, it’s a time to explore the core Jewish belief in the coming of a Messianic age.

There’s a lot to explore.

What does a perfect world look like? Can we make this beautiful vision of the future a part of our lives here and now?

Here at Chabad of Coral Gables, we’re hosting a full-day program called The Festival of the Future on the last day of Pesach, April 13, to explore our profound mission to create a perfect world, one mitzvah at a time. In addition to our regular services, we’re hosting a range of insightful classes and engaging activities that I hope you and your friends will find inspiring and enjoyable.

The Festival of the Future’s main highlight is a special festive meal and get-together called the Feast of Moshiach. Together, we’ll unpack our meaningful mission to elevate our world toward a beautiful future. Plus, we’ll share a final taste of Matzah and wine and join together in discussion and song.

I’d love for you to join us at 6:45 pm on April 13 at Chabad, 1827 Ponce de Leon Blvd as we celebrate The Festival of the Future and the Feast of Moshiach together as a community.

Rabbi Avraham Stolik