Welcome to CKids Club!


Welcome to a New Exciting Year of CKids Jewish Kids Club!

At CKids we know that being Jewish is fun! Join us throughout the year as we learn all about Judaism, our holidays, and ourselves.

CKids Gables is for ages 4-11*  and offers an opportunity for your children to learn about their Jewish heritage in a fun and interactive way while meeting other Jewish kids like them.

Ckids Club gets together 6 times throughout the year for fun, innovative, and exciting clubs that offer children the opportunity to explore the Jewish festivals and their Jewish heritage in a warm and nurturing environment. Complete with custom made out-of-the-box activities, Ckids hands-on learning experiences will be cherished for a lifetime!

We do things different. So get ready to have a blast!

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $100 (includes entrance to all 6 clubs ($20 discount), plus merch and swag)
​or $20 PER EVENT

* Children ages 4-11 can be dropped off for the event. Kids ages 1-3 are welcome to join with their parent.

Our Upcoming Event!

Register for our upcoming event, here!