Cuban Shabbat Dinner

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Join us on Friday, January 6th, 6:30 pm for a Cuban themed Shabbat dinner.

The dinner will feature authentic Kosher Cuban cuisine, drinks, and other themed fare. Guest speakers, Richard and Maddi Brener, will join us for Shabbat as they share their fascinating stories of their first hand Cuban Jewish Experience. In addition, there will be lively discussion about Cuba's Jewish population and culture.
About Richard & Maddy Brener

While undoubtedly there have been Jews in Cuba since shortly after the days of Columbus, Richard and Maddy Brener will share the story of Cuban Jews (Jewbanos) through the eyes of one family. Some members of the family born in Cuba, others fleeing there to escape tyranny and oppression. The family added a uniquely Jewish flavor to its Latin homeland; everything from Shabbat cholent on hot Caribbean Summer afternoons to becoming Zionist freedom-fighters. And in the end, once again having to flee tyranny and oppression.

Shabbat Around the World 
This is the first Shabbaton in Chabad's "Shabbat around the world" series. Join us as we explore the fascinating heritage of Jewish Communities from around the world. Experience the cuisine, culture, and history of each tradition as we enjoy a four course Shabbat dinner.

Upcoming dinners will include "Shabbat in Italy" on February 3rd and "Shabbat in Jerusalem" on May 19th to commemorate 50 years of Jerusalem's reunification.